What is the current state of your health? 
Good, Fair, Poor? Or don't know?
 Want to optimize your health and body to feel and look better?
 Are any health issues hurting your quality of life or performance? 
 Tired of doctors using outdated nutritional science?
 Looking for a doctor that listens to your health goals and coaches you to success?
 Can't find a doctor that’s close or has convenient hours? 
 Fed up with clinics that don't respect your time or have a bad attitude?
 Ready to take control of your health?
If you answer YES, Then PRIMAL MEDICAL ONLINE is the solution.…
Advanced health care on your phone; 
whenever you need it.
What Is Primal Medical online?
The Gold Standard for TeleMedicine
Primal Medical Online is a premier TELEMEDICINE platform providing the most advanced medical treatments available through an exclusive membership. A superior model for active adults; delivering the most cutting-edge, modern and convenient approach to primary care for performance medicine; or "Performance Primary Care".

Primal Medical's focus is to safely guide and support motivated adults to optimize their health and body. To look, feel and perform their best by leveraging the world's best medical technologies and science-backed solutions. Using powerful diagnostics, advanced hormone therapies, supplements; and proven nutritional programs to allow the patient to achieve their personal best health, look and performance.

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How Does Telemedicine Work?
With a laptop, smartphone or tablet and internet access; members have full access to healthcare services, personalized care, doctors, medical providers and specialists.

No more inconvenience of driving, no more waiting rooms; or infection risk visiting a hospital or clinic. From your home, office or in the field; you can connect with your doctor or medical provider for both non-emergency and primary care health needs. From 9AM to 9PM local time members can consult with our expert doctors, receive diagnostic tests, review lab results, discuss diagnosis plans and treatments; and receive wholesale discount medications delivered to your front door.

We provide online healthcare services in all 50 U.S. States and territories. John Jaquish, PhD founded Primal Medical in collaboration with Alpha Advantage clinics to offer the most advanced telemedicine platform in the market; with a focus on health optimization, performance and physicality.


As an online healthcare provider, we offer a wide range of medical services and therapies
personalized specifically to your health goals to ensure your optimal health, performance and look.
Adult Primary Care
Your best health is possible. Call or message your primary care doctor and get personalized information and treatments to help you live healthy and become the best version of yourself. All you need is good internet service, a mobile phone, or a computer for video/audio calls and email exchanges. This allows your doctor to monitor and coordinate your healthcare remotely.
Hormone Optimization (Male & Female)
Your body only performs optimally when hormones are balanced at levels consistent with proven peer-reviewed longevity science. If you are overly tired, unnaturally depressed, sexually inactive, unable to build muscle mass properly; then hormone optimization could be ideal for you. At Primal Medical, we treat hormonal imbalances with an advanced protocol that first creates a biochemical demand in the body for anabolic hormones, then introduces them with purpose and focus for maximum effect. As opposed to the standard approach; which just introduces anabolic hormones without demand, leaving the body confused as to what to do with them; and not surprisingly delivering moderate results. This is the difference between moderate and incredible results.
Diagnostics & Lab Testing
Members receive powerful diagnostics and preventive screening at Primal Medical. Diagnostic testing is used to establish a baseline; detect potential health problems, formulate care plans and monitor health improvements. What better way to stay in good health than proactive diagnosis and treatment?
Advanced Nutrition
Traditional nutrition recommendations are outdated, and completely false; based on today's current academic peer-reviewed studies. Since the 1950's, poor quality and biased research misled people into thinking that meat was unhealthy, when the truth is the opposite. At Primal, we are aware of this problem, and will lead you to the healthiest way of eating, to optimize hormone balance and overall health.
Performance Medicine
This is perfect for athletes, fitness enthusiasts and weekend warriors. Performance medicine is focused on the optimization of personal physical performance and anti-aging. Beat your personal best. With us, you can get treatment and support for advanced body performance.
Medical Weight-Loss
Safe, medically supervised weight-loss to really achieve your goal and keep it off. Your doctor goes on the weight-loss journey with you, prescribing the right testing, diet, workout routine, supplements, monitoring and treatments to help you get rid of excess fat without risky consequences to your health. Do it right, real weight loss is absolutely possible and safe with medical direction.


As a Primal Medical member, you’re in an elite club with access to our premium healthcare services. 


Start-Up Lab Tests
Full Blood Panel Diagnostic
A Full Panel Blood Lab Diagnostic test is included for each new patient to take a deep look at your blood chemistry to detect any conditions that need attention and to plan the proper therapies to achieve your health goals.  Then blood is tested every 90 days to monitor progress.
Initial & Follow-up Doctor consultations 
After your blood lab is received; an initial video consultation is scheduled with one of our expert medical doctors assigned to your personalized care. They will ask questions to gather medical history and current health status; interpret and analyze blood test results; and review health goals and timelines. And the doctor will prescribe a treatment plan to achieve those goals. A 2nd follow-up consultation is schedule 1 month after to confirm treatment is working.  There is no time limit per consultation encounter; so you are not rushed or on a stop clock.
Quarterly Review consultations & Labs 
A quarterly review consultation and lab test is scheduled every 3 months with your doctor to monitor and supervise your progress; and address any new issues.   For both primary care and non-emergency urgent care needs, you can feel secure with quarterly consultations to keep you safe and on track to achieve and maintain your goals.
Wholesale Pharmacy Access Delivery & 
20% - 60% SAVINGS!
That's right! Members have full wholesale access to our commercial pharmacy network. You enjoy all the buying power of the big boys to get all your current and new medications at the lowest price possible. And conveniently delivered to your front door. Expect 20% to 60% off all your medication prices. The monthly savings can more than cover the cost of Primal membership. It practically pays for itself! 
Our beta-tested patients talk about us better than we do!
A lot of people like you Have made the right choice. 

Listen to what they're saying
Dan W
Dealing with Primal and their team has been great. I have gained over 15 lbs of lean muscle and am in the best shape of my life!
Trevor V
After several failed attempts, I finally found a clinic and team that would work around my goals and I have never felt better.
MIke B
Primal Medical team was great and helped me every step of the way! I would give them 10 out of 10 if I could!!!
Ryan G
I have lost over 50 lbs in less then 6 months with primal after getting my hormones right. 
Mark D
Primal Medical is how every health clinic should be. These guys know their stuff and have me feeling great! Thank you Primal Team! 
Edgar L
I finally feel like a man again. Thank you Primal team! You guys are the best.
ABOUT the founder
John Jaquish, PhD is a world renowned expert in body mechanics and credited with inventing the most effective medical device for bone density health to effectively reverse osteoporosis. After which, he developed the world's most effective training system for muscle mass and strength. His system has been proven by some of the world's greatest athletes (NBA, NFL, and Olympic) to give better, faster and safer results than any other strength system previously.   
 Since then, Dr. Jaquish and his team of performance medicine doctors have developed an advanced hormone optimization protocol that first creates a biochemical demand in the body for anabolic hormones; then introduces them with purpose and focus for maximum effect. As opposed to the standard approach, which just introduces anabolic hormones without demand, leaving the body confused as to what to do with them; and not surprisingly delivering moderate results. His Wall Street Journal best-selling book describes this process in detail, and now he's launching Primal Medical Online to execute on this knowledge and give members better results than they could ever expect.
Is Primal Medical ONLINE right for me?
Primal Medical is the most advanced concierge telemedicine platform available in the U.S.
Created specifically for motivated adults seeking to optimize their health, performance and physicality to feel, perform and look their best. For those wanting to take advantage of the best medical science has to offer; and must be convenient, made for a busy modern life. 

Enjoy health care in the comfort of your home with just a phone call or click; with unmatched access to doctors, medical providers, specialists, lab testing centers nationwide, medication delivery nationwide, white glove customer service and access to the most advanced medical treatments on the planet.
Primal Medical is BEST SUITED for you if you:
  • ...are looking for the best online primary healthcare to optimize your overall health, performance and look;
  •  ...are tired of outdated recycled dietary advice and want the most current proven science;
  • ​...want to optimize and balance hormone production for peak physical and mental function;
  • ...are looking for a doctor that listens and coaches you to success;
  • ...are looking for a doctor that's convenient and doesn't have a bad attitude;
  • ...want to avoid infection risk and hospitals filled with sick people;
  • ​​...like great deals that pay for themselves and make you strong, fit and hot.
Primal Medical attends to all health issues, both non-emergency and primary care, BUT, it is not for everybody
Primal Medical Online is 
NOT FOR YOU if you:
  • ...prefer medications as an easy fix instead of proactive work for lasting good health;
  • ...enjoy making excuses for your bad health conditions and blame life instead;
  • ​...want to remain a victim and not take advantage of what life has to offer.
If you are not any of the above, then hurry now and take a step in the right direction for the sake of your health.

Why Should you get 
PRIMAL Membership?
Nobody can take care of your health for you. Take charge now and do it with our online telemedicine services. Visit with your doctor conveniently anywhere with your smartphone or laptop. The difference is, now you can visit the clinic whenever and wherever you want.
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In Summary 
  • Primal Medical Online is an elite telemedicine platform for motivated adults.
  • Now accepting patients from all 50 states and territories. 
  • With a good internet connection and a working device, members can receive online health advice and treatment from their home, office or any where.
  • Three membership plans available to take control and optimize your health and body.
  • Physical appointments are also available through our partnership with Alpha Advantage clinics.
Two Membership Plans for you to Choose:
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58% Savings
Annual membership bonus! 

first 2,000 Annual Members are Spearhead founders 
and enjoy deep discounts 
and special privileges for Life.

 Including a 30 minute 
Closed session 
with John Jaquish, PhD.
Ask about our Family Deals and Discounts for military and First Responders.
Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in a membership plan. How do
I go about it?

Simple. All you have to do is choose a plan that is suitable for you and enroll. A doctor coach is ready to connect with you.

I do not live in the US. Can I also get a membership?

Our Telemed services allow you to have access to health care anywhere you are. However, some cases require that you show up and have physical appointments with a doctor and our clinics are only located in the US. So, it is advised that you consider your location before subscribing to a plan.

I do not live in the US. Can I
also get a membership?

Our Telemed services allow you to have access to health care anywhere you are. However, some cases require that you show up and have physical appointments with a doctor and our clinics are only located in the US. So, it is advised that you consider your location before subscribing to a plan.

Is my information strictly confidential?

Our services are rendered mostly online. We have built our platform in a way that no third party can have access to the information shared between patient and doctor without the patient's consent. Our doctors are also guided by a moral code to make sure that our patient's health info is strictly confidential unless a medical urgency requires that such information be disclosed.

Are there other additional costs?

We are very open and transparent about our services and their costs. Once you have subscribed to a plan, you have automatically paid for the services that come with the program, including the benefits. There are no hidden or additional costs.

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