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STEP #4: Payment Authorization
By Checking this box I authorize a (1) one time charge of the amount  below to the credit card listed in this authorization form. The payment authorization is for the service of a non-refundable telemedicine membership with a licensed doctor in your state. Your doctor consultations may be reimbursable with your insurance provider. I certify that I’m an authorized user of this card and will not dispute this payment with my card company, so long as the transaction corresponds to the terms and conditions.
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NOTE: Only available in the U.S.


  • Next page, complete the "Patient Intake Form". Takes 5 minutes, no medical records needed and results are processed automatically.
  • Then, Lab & Doctor Consultation. After blood lab results have been received (or uploaded if you have already); you will receive an email to schedule your first doctor consultation.
  • Receive Medication Monthly.  After doctor consultation, medications are delivered monthly in a discreet plain box.  NOTE: Medications are not included in the membership and are charged separately.
  • Receive Monitoring Quarterly. To ensure the best care, your doctor will conduct follow-up blood tests and consults every 90 days. This proactive approach allows us to monitor progress and continually optimize your health journey and achieve your goals.
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